Death of Ronie Parrott ruled a homicide; case still under investigation

Ronie Parrott died as a result of multiple gunshots to the head, according to Ada County Coroner reports issued Tuesday.

Ada County Sheriff’s Office detectives have been investigating the case as a homicide since February, when a woman walking her dogs on Sunset Peak Road north of Boise found human remains in the remote Foothills area.

The body was found about a mile past the Bureau of Land Management gate that closes the road to vehicles during the winter.

Those remains turned out to be 43-year-old Ronie Parrott, who was publicly identified as a missing person by the Boise Police in September 2015.

Detectives have completed dozens of interviews and gathered a significant amount of physical evidence since February, and are waiting on the results of some forensic testing.

Detectives have a strong working theory about what happened but no warrants have been issued in connection with this case at this time.

Ronie Parrott was last seen just after 11 p.m., Aug. 25th, 2015 at the Maverik store at 27th and Main streets in Boise, where she bought some soda.

Detectives have spent the last several months piecing together where Ronie Parrott went and what people she was with before she went missing that day.

The coroner’s office issued a release Tuesday where they officially determined Parrott’s manner of death was a homicide and the cause of death were multiple gun shots.

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