Ada County Sheriff’s deputies are investigating the apparent suicide of an inmate in the Ada County Jail.

The 40-year-old Garden City man was found unresponsive and not breathing in a cell just after 7pm Saturday. The inmate had been in custody since July 9 on a delivery of a controlled substance charge. He was being held on a $50,000 bond.

The man was housed alone in a cell. For safety and security, deputies check each inmate in the jail at least once every 30 minutes. Deputies saw this inmate awake and alert about 25 minutes prior to finding him unresponsive in his bed. Deputies called for medical help and immediately began CPR. Paramedics responded but were unable to revive the man.

An investigation is underway to determine what happened in the moments leading up to the man’s death. Information and evidence gathered so far indicates the man died from a self-inflicted injury. There is no evidence of foul play.

“Our thoughts are with family and friends of this man,” said Sheriff Steve Bartlett. “No one can know what’s going through a person’s mind when they choose to end their own life, but it’s something we take very seriously and work very hard to avoid in our facility.”

The name of the 40-year-old will be released by the coroner after his relatives have been notified.

Four-hour standoff in Kuna ends when teen shoots himself

A 14-year-old boy who stole two guns from a family member earlier this week and then refused to leave a friend’s house when police found him Friday afternoon suffered life-threatening injury when he shot himself.
Kuna police spent hours talking to the boy and trying to convince him leave a home in the 1400 block of Kerf Street. Three specialized crisis negotiation officers worked with the boy during the four-hour standoff, which ended when he fired a single shot at himself.
Once officers were able to get inside the home around 6 p.m., they began life-saving measures and brought in paramedics, who had been waiting at the scene, who immediately began treatment and transported the boy to a local hospital.
Kuna police had been looking for the boy since Wednesday, when they found out he had taken the guns and did not return home.
The boy is a suspect in a fire set in some storage sheds behind a church on Deer Flat Road in July and had been in some other legal trouble in the past, and officers were very concerned about his safety and the safety of other kids he interacted with.
The boy was clearly in crisis, so officers were trying to find and intervene before anything could happen.
Officers developed some information early Friday afternoon the boy was at his friend’s house on Kerf Street, so officers went there about 1:30 p.m.
Officers knocked on the door, and eventually determined he was there, with his friend, and did have a least one of the guns. Officers asked the people inside to leave. Once they were out, officers began talking to the boy and his friend, asking them to leave. The friend came out a short time later and told police the boy was inside, had a handgun, and fired one round inside the house.
At that point, Kuna police backed off, set up officers around the house to protect the people in the neighborhood, and brought in crisis negotiators to talk to the boy. They talked by phone and via text messages for hours.
Kuna police found the boys parents and were working with them. A Code Red notification went out from Ada County Dispatch to the neighborhood just before  4 p.m. warning of armed person in a residence and advising people to stay in their homes.
Police continued to talk to the boy for another hour or so. He told them he didn’t want to  come out, that he didn’t wan’t go to the hospital or go to jail. Other times he seemed like he wanted to come out.  Then he stopped answering the phone or texting. Officers heard the sound of a single gun shot from inside around 5:45 p.m.

Kuna duo charged with drug trafficking

A 44-year-old Kuna man is being held in the Ada County Jail for trying to sell a pound of methamphetamine to detectives Wednesday.

Jeffrey Davis is charged with felony drug trafficking in connection with the case. Another Kuna man, 39-year-old Nathan Gamble, is also charged trafficking after he showed up later that night to collect the money from the first sale – and brought a two more ounces of meth with him.

Detectives arrested Davis at a parking lot in the Maple Grove/Overland roads neighborhood just before 6 p.m.

Undercover detectives arranged to meet with Davis in the parking lot to buy a pound of meth. He was arrested shortly after showing up. Detectives found 589 grams of the meth inside Davis’ car, along with a loaded semi-automatic pistol and $1,200 in cash.

Detectives arrested Gamble several hours later in a parking lot near the Emerald Street/Cole Road intersection — at a place where he was supposed to meet Davis to pick up the money from the earlier sale.

Detectives found an additional 48 grams of meth and $1,200 inside Gamble’s car. Both Davis and Gamble were arrested and taken to the Ada County Jail. They are scheduled to make their initial court appearances Thursday afternoon.

The crime of trafficking in methamphetamine is punishable by up to 15 years in prison – with a mandatory minimum sentence of 10 years for anyone who is trying to sell more than 400 grams.

Eagle police investigate garage/car burglaries

Eagle police say at about a dozen people who mistakenly left their garage doors open or unlocked this summer have had items stolen from inside — including an SUV with the keys left inside, golf clubs, and expensive tools.

Thieves entered into four unlocked garages earlier this week — two on Languna Shore Lane and two on Parkforest Way — taking items like credit cards and cash from cars inside. The thieves also broke into several unlocked cars on the street or in driveways.

The other burglaries occurred earlier this summer  – including three subdivisions off Eagle Road and another in the State Street/Linder Road neighborhood.

Our theory is the thieves are just cruising through neighborhoods looking for people who have left their garage doors open by accident — including side doors.

So the best way to avoid being a victim of theft is to make sure your homes and vehicles are locked all the time. That includes side doors to garages.

So lock your cars and trucks. Lock your front doors. Lock your garage doors. Lock the side doors to your garage. Just lock it all up – you’ll likely be glad you did.

There have been numerous cases over the years of people “jockeyboxing” – which means they walk through neighborhoods and check to see if cars, trucks, and garages are locked. If they are not, thieves then go through and steal anything of value. Sometimes they will check side garage doors during such sprees.

The SUV thieves stole out of a unlocked garage in June was found abandoned days later in Nampa.

Anyone with information should call Eagle Police at 938-2260.


Software upgrade means ACSO arrest list, jail roster, and warrants pages will be down indefinitely

The ACSO replaced our entire 911 Emergency Dispatch software earlier this year – a badly needed upgrade for a system that was two decades old. We are completing phase two of our technology upgrade plan tomorrow when we install brand-new operation and management software for the Ada County Jail.

The excellent news is that our jail system will get a badly needed technological upgrade — and we will have state-of-the art software now for both patrol and jail employees across the ACSO.

The biggest impact for the public will be the temporary loss of the popular arrest list on The arrest list had over 453,000 page views in the month of June – which averages about 15,000 page views a day.

The list of outstanding warrants and the jail roster will also be temporarily unavailable. Those sites got 43,000 and 34,000 page views in June.

We understand how important a resource those pages are to the public. Our staff will work to get the arrest list, warrants, and jail roster back up and running as soon as possible but it could take several weeks for that to happen.

The new IJ5 jail management software upgrade is happening the same time the 4th District Court is adapting Odyssey — a new court records management system.  It’s going to be an interesting  few weeks for Ada County’s public safety agencies and court employees.

When this is all done and the new software systems — 911 dispatch, jail records, courts — are all working together, it will be an efficient and integrated public safety system, better than anything Ada County has had in the past. The plan is to have all the systems working together by November

Law enforcement, fire agencies, emergency medical services and court officials will have the most efficient and state-of-the-art computer systems, able to exchange information far more efficiently than ever before.

Deputies search for whoever set donation sheds on fire behind Kuna-area church

Kuna police are looking for two teens seen running away from a fire behind the LDS church at 315 E. Deer Flat Road early Sunday morning.

The fire destroyed two storage units behind the church, which were full of donated items for the Deseret Industries Thrift Store. The damage in lost items and the buildings themselves is estimated to be over $23,000.

Ada County dispatchers got a 911 call around 4 a.m. from an 18-year-old man playing Pokemon Go in the parking lot of the church, who reported first hearing sounds behind the church and then seeing what looked like two teenagers running away.

The man told dispatchers he then saw the light of a fire from behind the building, so he drove over, and saw the storage buildings on fire, and called 911.

Kuna police and Ada County Sheriff’s deputies arrived moments later but were not able to find anyone resembling the description of the suspects anywhere in the area.

Kuna Fire crews extinguished the fire, which destroyed both storage units.

Detectives are investigating the case. Anyone with information should call Kuna Police at 577-3860.

Detectives investigate fireworks-caused blaze near Table Rock

Ada County Sheriff’s detectives are working to find whoever shot fireworks into the Foothills off Table Rock Road just before midnight Wednesday — a decision that led to a range fire that destroyed one home and put dozens of others at risk.

By Thursday afternoon, the fire had burned over 2600 acres in the desert surrounding Table Rock Road. Boise Fire and Bureau of Land Management crews were able to stop the spread of the blaze overnight. The fire did consume one home on Pheasant Lane and an outbuilding nearby.

Ada County 911 Dispatchers received numerous reports of people lighting off fireworks near Table Rock Road before the hillside caught fire just before midnight.

ACSO detectives determined the fire ignited off the north side of Table Rock Road right by the gate that goes across the road near the top of the plateau.

TR fire start site

Detectives are currently investigating numerous leads. Anyone with information should call detectives at 577-3723 or email at

It is illegal to light off fireworks in the Ada County Foothills. Anyone who violates the Ada County fireworks ordinance ( is be guilty of a misdemeanor, which is punishable by up to six months in jail and a $1,000 fine.

14-year-old Kuna boy steals family car and crashes into a home across town

It’s very fortunate that the people who live at 1196 W. Gold Street in Kuna are OK after a 14-year-old boy drove a stolen car into the front of their house early Wednesday morning.

The boy is being treated at a local hospital for what appear to be minor injuries.

Kuna police were called to the Gold Street home just after 9 a.m. when they got a 911 call from a resident reporting that a car just smashed into the front of their house. The caller said they couldn’t open the front door to see if anyone in the car was injured.


Dispatchers got another 911 call moments later from a house on nearby Marteeson Avenue, where a woman said she saw a teenage boy wandering outside who had some injuries, so she brought him inside.

Officers were able to quickly put together what happened.

The boy, who is developmentally disabled, took his family’s car without permission and drove about six miles across town before he lost control and drove into the home on Gold Street.

When the boy couldn’t back the damaged car out of the wreckage, he got out and ran away. The boy was barefoot, so he had some minor injuries to his feet when the woman on Marteeson Avenue saw him and asked him to come in so she could help him.

Paramedics took the boy to a local hospital as a precaution.

No one in the house on Gold Street was in the front of the house when the car smashed into it so they were able to avoid injury.

Officers are not sure why the boy was driving by Gold Street or what  happened to cause him to lose control of the car.

The crash is still under investigation and no charges or citations have been filed at this time.

Two teenage boys busted for breaking into unlocked cars in Star early Sunday

Star and Eagle police detectives are investigating if two teenage boys caught breaking into unlocked cars in Star early Sunday morning could be responsible for dozens of similar burglaries.

The boys, ages 16 and 17, admitted to breaking into at least 10-to-15 unlocked cars in Star and as many as two dozen others in Eagle earlier this spring.

Officers caught the boys just before 3 a.m. Sunday after a resident in the neighborhood just north of the Can Ada Road/State Street intersection heard someone close a car door in his driveway. The man looked outside and saw three people standing by his car.

The man then saw those same three people open other car doors in the neighborhood. He went outside to confront the burglars. They dropped a backpack on the ground and ran away. The man called Ada County dispatchers to report what happened.

An Ada County Sheriff’s deputy responding to the call spotted two teenage boys walking on N. Paddington Way, which is less than a half-mile away from where the first call came from, moments later.

The boys ran away when they saw the deputy drive up. The deputy jumped out of his patrol car, started running after the boys, and ordered them to stop — which they did moments later.

As the deputy took the boys into custody and started interviewing them, another deputy grabbed the backpack and went through it, finding items like gloves, phone chargers, change, sunglasses, food, and cigarettes which had been swiped from cars.

By later that morning, nine people in that neighborhood reported their cars had been broken into overnight.

Detectives interviewed the boys and released them to their parents. Deputies have identified the third boy involved but haven’t found him yet.

All three boys will charged after Ada County juvenile prosecutors review the case. Several of the items found in the backpack were returned to the people who had their cars broken-in to.

If there is one concept we here at the Ada County Sheriff’s Office would like our residents to embrace above all others, it would be: lock your stuff up.

The best way to avoid being a victim of theft is to make sure your homes and vehicles are locked all the time.

There have been numerous cases over the years of people “jockeyboxing” – which means they walk through neighborhoods and check to see if cars and trucks are locked. If they are not, thieves then go through and steal anything of value.

While the busiest times for vehicle burglaries across Ada County are in spring months of March and April, we also get a lot of reports in the beginning of summer.

So please remember to lock your cars, trucks — and doors to your home and garage areas.

Kuna man convicted of sexual battery and lewd conduct charges could spend up to 12 years in prison

A 25-year-old Kuna man who admitted to having illegal sexual contact with three teenage girls since last summer will be evaluated in an Idaho Department of Correction program to see if he will go to prison.

Jakob Moench found out Wednesday he could spend up to 12 years in prison for a count of lewd conduct and two counts of sexual battery of a child between the ages of 16-to-17.

Fourth District Judge Patrick Owen sentenced Moench to three concurrent 12-year prison terms.

Owen placed Moench on a retained jurisdiction program — commonly known as a “rider” — which is an Idaho Department of Correction evaluation program that can last up to one year. When that is done, it will be up to Owen to figure out if Moench will serve a prison sentence or be placed on probation.

Ada County Sheriff’s deputies began their investigation in mid January after getting information from a third party that Moench had illegal sexual contact with a 15-year-old girl.

A few days later, the girl was reported missing as a runaway. Kuna Police found her at Moench’s house and took her home.

Detectives continued to develop evidence in the case and arrested Moench days later.

Shortly after Moench’s picture appeared on the Ada County Sheriff’s Office arrest page in January, a family member of a different girl called deputies to report a similar occurrence. Then a third victim came forward.

Moench eventually pleaded guilty to lewd conduct and sexual battery charges in March.

If Moench ends up going to prison, he must serve at least three years before he can ask for parole.