CITF and prosecutor investigations completed in Edgar Hafen shooting case

Three Kuna Police officers correctly followed Ada County Sheriff’s Office policies on use of force when they shot a 72-year-old man who pointed a gun at them from inside his car last fall.

Edgar Hafen is set to begin a jury trial in July for a felony count of assault or battery upon law enforcement in connection with the case.

Blaine County Prosecutor Jim Thomas reviewed the Ada County Critical Incident Task Force report into the shooing of Hafen on Nov. 10 and determined the officers’ decision to fire “was an appropriate use of deadly force in order to protect themselves and other law enforcement officers” nearby.

Our internal investigation drew the same conclusion and determined Kuna Police officers Wes Bunnell, Vishal Sahni, and Nolan Zorn followed all ACSO policies during the incident – which also involved a low-speed car pursuit that ended in the desert south of Kuna.

Thomas reviewed hours of interviews, video recordings from the officers’ on-body video cameras, forensic evidence, photographs, medical records, and a variety of other reports — all generated and collected by the CITF.

The incident began the evening of Nov. 10 when one of Hafen’s family members contacted Canyon County Sheriff’s deputies. They were concerned Hafen may try to hurt himself.

Canyon County deputies found Hafen driving near Melba and attempted to pull him over.

Hafen kept driving, eventually making his way into Ada County, where Kuna Police took over the pursuit around 6:20 p.m. as he drove east on Kuna Road. Hafen refused to pull over and kept going, turning south on Swan Falls Road.

Kuna police followed Hafen until he slowed down enough at Victory Lane for an officer to do a PIT (Pursuit Intervention Technique) maneuver, where the patrol car strikes the side of the other car and causes it to abruptly move sideways and stop.

Three Kuna Police officers — Sahni, Zorn, and Bunnell — got out of their cars and told Hafen to get out. He refused to get out and pointed a handgun at the officers. The officers fired, and Hafen dropped his gun out the window.

None of the three officers were injured.

Paramedics treated Hafen at the scene and then drove him to a local hospital.

It was later discovered that Hafen was holding a replica 1911 Colt-style semi-automatic pistol BB gun. When asked later why he pointed the BB gun at officers, Hafen said he “pulled the gun out so they would shoot away.” He also told investigators he knew it was a BB gun but to officers it would look like a 1911 handgun.

Hafen also told paramedics that night he “didn’t care either way” when they asked if he was trying to complete suicide.

The Ada County Sheriff’s Office would like to thank the Boise Police Department for their thorough and comprehensive work leading the CITF investigation and Blaine County Prosecutor Jim Thomas for reviewing the evidence.

Deputies are looking for whoever dumped 147 tires along Beacon Light Road

The residents of Eagle, Star, and the rest of western Ada County love the wide-open and pastoral character where they live— and hate it when that aesthetic is wrecked with litter, like the 147 old junk tires left strewn off Beacon Light Road last night.

The number 147 is not a misprint or typo. Someone decided to drive down Beacon Light road, between Eagle Road and Idaho 16, and dump old tires on the side of the road for over 3 miles.

Every one of those tires was a potential traffic and safety hazard. Some still had metal rims attached.

The tires were spaced out all along the road, making each one a potential crime. Every tire dumped in Eagle could result in separate misdemeanor charge – distributing or scattering garbage — which is punishable by up to six months in jail and a $1,000 fine.

Every tire found in unincorporated Ada County could result in a separate infraction for placing debris on public property, which is punishable by up a $300 fine and up to 10 days in jail.

You can also add in the cost of restitution for the Ada County Highway District, which had to remove and safely dispose of the tires.

Whoever dumped the tires committed a crime and is being incredibly terrible stewards of the land. Please know if you dump trash, we will work hard to find you. That’s why it would be best if whoever did this contacted Eagle Police or the Ada County Sheriff’s Office now.

Deputies are actively investigating this and would like to hear from anyone who saw a truck carrying tires on Beacon Light Road late Thursday night or early Friday morning.

Anyone with information should send an email to  or call Ada County non-emergency dispatch at 377-6790.

CITF investigating shooting in Boise

The Ada County Critical Incident Task Force is investigating the officer-involved shooting of a 34-year-old Boise man who fired at deputies serving a warrant at a home on West Granger Avenue Tuesday afternoon. The man’s injuries do not appear to be life-threatening.

Three deputies with the Ada County Sheriff’s Office ACTION (Anti-Crime Team In Our Neighborhoods) Unit went to a home in the 9900 block of West Granger at about 12:15pm to serve an arrest warrant on Robert Coy for a felony charge of falsifying documents.

Deputies were trying to arrest Coy when the 65-year-old started resisting. The man’s son, Bryan Coy, 34, was in the house and fired a pistol at the officers. Deputies returned fire.

Bryan Coy was taken to a local hospital with injuries that do not appear to be life-threatening. A warrant has been issued for Coy on a charge of aggravated assault with a $1-million bond. When he is released from the hospital, Coy will be moved to the Ada County Jail and booked on the felony assault warrant.

Robert Coy was transported to the Ada County Jail where he was booked on the felony charge of offering a false or forged instrument. He is being held on a $10,000 bond. Additional charges are possible.

The three officers who fired at Coy are all members of the ACTION Team: Sgt. Pat Schneider, who has been with the ACSO for 17 years; Deputy Ryan Donelson who has been with the agency for 12 years; and Deputy Terry Lakey who has been with the ACSO for 11 years.

The Critical Incident Task Force does an independent investigation of all uses of lethal force by law enforcement in Ada County. Boise Police is the lead agency for this incident. Investigators are still determining how many rounds were fired.

No one else was at the home during the incident.

27-year-old Utah man charged with drug trafficking after deputies find a pound of pot and large bag of psilocybin mushrooms during traffic stop

Lee Thomas Smith is also charged with a felony count of possession of a controlled substance with intent to deliver.

Deputies began their investigation around 8 p.m. Friday when they pulled over Smith, who was driving a 2004 Prius on Eagle Road, near the E. Taconic Drive intersection because one of the headlights on the car was burned out.

Deputies detected the smell of marijuana coming from inside the car as they talked to Smith, so they called in a K9 dog to smell around the car.

K9 Nate detected the odor of illegal drugs inside.

Deputies searched the car and found over one pound of marijuana divided into several different plastic bags.

They also found a large plastic bag full of mushrooms, material that appears to be hash oil, a bag of as yet unidentified pills, drug paraphernalia like digital scales and pipe, a loaded handgun, a sword, and over $2,400 in cash.

pot 3

Deputies eventually arrested Smith and booked him into the Ada County Jail. Other charges are possible in connection with the case.

The 27-year-old Smith is set to make his initial court appearance Monday afternoon.

Detectives are investigating report of battery near Table Rock

Detectives are investigating a case where a woman says she was followed by two men she didn’t know before she was punched in the face near Table Rock Sunday night.

Detectives began their investigation immediately after the woman contacted us early Monday afternoon.

The woman says the attack occurred between 8:40 and 9 p.m. Sunday night near the gate down the road from the top of Table Rock.

The woman said she was walking back to her car when two men – who she described as being in their 20s and about 5 feet 10 inches to 6 feet tall — began following her.

The woman said when she got to her car door, one of the men walked up to her and punched her in the face. The woman said she yelled and pushed the man away. That’s when she said both men walked away. The woman said she got into her car and drove away.

The woman told detectives Monday she didn’t call 911 or tell law enforcement at the time because she was anxious and wanted to calm down.

Detectives continue to investigate what happened. We haven’t had any similar reports of anything like this happening in the Table Rock area.

We do want to hear from anyone who may have any information. Please call Ada County dispatch at 377-6790 if you do.




Deputies are looking for whoever shot out the windows of five cars in south Boise neighborhood

Five different people in a south Boise neighborhood woke up Saturday morning to find their cars had smashed windows. All five cars were parked on the street or driveways in the Lake Hazel Road/Seabreeze Way neighborhood.

It appears vandals used a BB or pellet gun to shoot out the windows of random cars between 10 p.m. Friday and 9 a.m. Saturday.

The cars were parked on S. White Cliff Avenue, West Mossywood Drive, and West Portola Drive within a mile of each other.

The cars were not burglarized – just damaged.

Anyone with information should send an email to or call Ada County non-emergency dispatch at 377-6790.


Deputies arrest 19-year-old Kuna man for using cell phone to take pictures in a women’s bathroom

Andrew C. Marshall is charged with a felony count of video voyeurism.

Ada County Sheriff’s Office deputies began their investigation just after 2 p.m. Saturday when they were called to a store in the 1400 block of W. Chinden Boulevard to investigate a report of a man hiding in the women’s bathroom taking pictures with his cell phone.

When deputies arrived, they found the 19-year-old Marshall sitting on the ground with three men standing around him so he couldn’t leave.

Deputies then talked to a woman who said she had recently went into the bathroom and was in a stall when she saw a hand holding a phone move out from under the stall next to hers — with the camera pointing at her.

The woman said the phone quickly disappeared, and then emerged again seconds later. By that point, the shock of seeing a phone had passed and she told whoever was in the stall to stop what they were doing.

She heard the toilet flush and the person leaving the stall. She followed and saw a man – later identified as Marshall — quickly walking out of the bathroom.

The woman yelled to her husband, who was waiting for her outside the bathroom, to stop Marshall.

The man grabbed Marshall. The woman came out and confronted Marshall, who apologized and then tried to run away. The man grabbed Marshall and held him on the ground until deputies could arrive.

The man said Marshal got his phone out and was trying to scroll through the photos. The man tried to grab the phone from Marshall to keep him from deleting evidence but Marshall managed to put the phone back into his pants.

When deputies arrived moments later and handcuffed Marshall, a phone fell out of his pants leg. While deputies were interviewing Marshall, they asked if they could see the photos on his phone. Marshall refused to do that.

Deputies completed their interviews and arrested Marshall. He is being held in the Ada County Jail and is set to make his initial court appearance Monday afternoon.

The crime of video voyeurism is punishable by up to five years in prison.

Anyone with information should send an email to

24-year-old Boise man admits to buying beer for teens before fatal truck crash last spring

Cole J. Dyer is scheduled for a sentencing hearing April 27 after pleading guilty Tuesday to a misdemeanor count of dispensing alcohol to a minor in connection with a fatal crash last spring that resulted in the death of 17-year-old Clayton Tully.

Deputies arrested Dyer in November as part of the investigation into the crash.

Evidence tests show Clayton Tully had a blood alcohol content level in excess of the Idaho legal limit of .08 for adults when he lost control of his truck in the desert east of Swan Falls Dam in the early morning hours of May 29.

Tully and a 15-year-old boy who was a passenger in the truck were not wearing seat belts when it rolled over. Both were thrown from the truck.

The 15-year-old boy sustained serious injuries in the crash and was taken to a local hospital by air ambulance. The 17-year-old Tully was pronounced at the crash site. A 16-year-old boy in the truck sustained minor injuries.

The crash occurred just before 5 a.m. on May 29.

The boys were at a graduation party in the desert nearby when they decided to go for a drive east of the Swan Falls/Moore roads intersection.

Clayton Tully was driving on a dirt desert road when he lost control of the pickup as it was going around a corner.

Deputies estimate he was driving about 49 miles an hour on the desert road when he crashed. The 16-year-old boy who was not badly injured called 911.

Deputies found the crash site a short time later and called for the air ambulance.

Deputies interviewed other teens at the party and crash sites and developed evidence there had been drinking at the party earlier that night when some of the teens left to get more alcohol.

That was when Cole Dyer bought beer for the teens — just hours before the fatal crash.

The party site where the teens were at before the crash was a remote agricultural building known as “Partypatopia” on Bureau of Land Management land.  It has since been demolished.

The crime of dispensing alcohol to a minor ( is punishable by up to a year in jail and up to a $1,000 fine.

Twin Falls couple charged with felony injury to child

Rudy A. Garcia and Angelica M. Najera are both being held in the Ada County Jail on a $200,000 bond after investigators determined their 1-year-old son had been severely beaten several times since last fall.

Both Garcia and Najera are charged with felony injury to child — with the enhanced count of infliction of great bodily injury — in connection with the case.

Garcia is also charged with felony counts of grand theft and burglary in connection with the theft of power tools from a construction site in Meridian earlier this year.

It was during that investigation when Ada County Sheriff’s detectives discovered the injuries to the boy, which included severe bruising all over his body and led paramedics to take him to a local hospital for immediate treatment.

Detectives declared the boy and the couple’s two other preschool age kids to be in imminent danger on Feb. 4 and placed the children into the custody of the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare.

Deputies began their investigation Feb. 1 after getting a report someone stole over $1,400 worth of power tools from four different contractors working on a construction site in the 7300 block of Linder Road.

By Feb. 4 deputies had identified Garcia, who worked on the site, and Najera to be the suspects in the theft of the tools. They found evidence Garcia took the tools from the site and Najera attempted to sell them.

Deputies located Najera the morning of Feb. 4 at the construction site and talked to her about the theft of tools. That’s when they found out about the physical abuse of the boy.

Detectives found Garcia later that day at a hotel in the 1000 block of S. Progress Avenue with the couple’s three kids. Bags were packed and it appeared the couple was ready to leave and go back to the Twin Falls area, despite having one more day in the hotel paid for.

Detectives interviewed Garcia and arrested him a short time later on the grand theft and burglary charges. The bond for those two charges is $250,000.

Detectives continued to work on the child abuse case. A grand jury indicted both Garcia and Najera on felony injury to child charges Feb. 14.

Garcia was already in jail on the other charges when he was served with a new arrest warrant. Deputies arrested Najera on Feb. 17 and booked her into the jail. Both have an arraignment hearing set for March 7.

The crime of felony injury to child, with the enhanced charge of infliction of great bodily injury, is punishable by up to 30 years in prison.

Former jail deputy arrested in Canyon County

A former detention deputy is charged with attempted strangulation in connection with an incident at his Caldwell home on Feb. 17.

A judge issued a felony arrest warrant for 28-year-old Matthew Pond on Friday. Pond turned himself in on the warrant Monday evening and was booked into the Canyon County Jail.

The arrest warrant stems from an incident at Pond’s Caldwell home. Pond reported the incident to his supervisor at the Ada County Jail on Feb. 18 and was immediately placed on administrative leave pending the outcome of the criminal investigation.

The Caldwell Police Department is the investigating agency because the incident happened in their jurisdiction.

Pond’s employment with the Ada County Sheriff’s Office was terminated Monday. He had worked as a detention deputy since May 2015.