42-year-old Boise man arrested for harassing Iraqi students near Lucky Peak

A 42-year-old Boise man who physically and verbally harassed a group of Iraqi students at a scenic overlook by Lucky Peak earlier this month is charged with a felony count of malicious harassment.

Brian Gail Olson will make his initial court appearance Wednesday afternoon.

The incident occurred on Oct. 4. A group of students from Iraq (ages 16,17,18, 19, and 20) were parked by the scenic overlook on Idaho 21, just south of the More’s Creek Bridge, around 6 p.m., checking out the view, listening to music, and taking some pictures.

A pickup truck, driven by Olson with three other men inside, pulled up to the teens. Olson got out of his truck and began yelling cultural epithets at the teens. At one point, Olson knocked a can of soda out of the 16-year-old boys’s hand, which then spilled on his clothes. Around that same time, Olson ripped a necklace off the boy’s neck.

Olson also grabbed the 20-year-old by the collar and yelled in his face, asking the student if he could swim, referring to the river far below. He yelled at all five teens during the incident.

Olson then went into the student’s car and started rummaging around. He came out with a soccer ball that he then threw into the road. One of the students said Olson spit at him. They also said Olson smelled strongly of alcohol and saw several empty beer cans fall out of the truck when he got out.

The students took some pictures with their cell phones and got the license number of the truck as Oslon and the other men drove away.

The teens reported what happened a few days later to a school resource officer at their Boise-area high school, who contacted the ACSO when they figured where the incident occurred.

Detectives then took over the case, interviewing all the students again and collecting evidence. Detectives eventually tracked down Olson Tuesday and interviewed him.

That’s when they arrested Olson and booked him into the Ada County Jail.

Detectives are still working to identify the other men in the truck with Olson. Anyone with information should call Det. Matt Buie at 577-3738.

In addition to the felony malicious harassment charge, Olson is cited for misdemeanor charges of littering, unlawful entry, and driving with out a valid license.

The crime of malicious harassment is punishable by up to five years in prison.

Idaho code defines felony malicious harassment (18-7902)  as:

“It shall be unlawful for any person, maliciously and with the specific intent to intimidate or harass another person because of that person’s race, color, religion, ancestry, or national origin, to:

(a) Cause physical injury to another person; or

(b) Damage, destroy, or deface any real or personal property of another person; or

(c) Threaten, by word or act, to do the acts prohibited if there is reasonable cause to believe that any of the acts described in subsections (a) and (b) of this section will occur.

For purposes of this section, “deface” shall include, but not be limited to, cross-burnings or the placing of any word or symbol commonly associated with racial, religious or ethnic terrorism on the property of another person without his or her permission.”

33-year-old Meridian man charged with aggravated battery, second-degree kidnapping

A 33-year-old Meridian man is charged with aggravated battery after using knives to cut two people he was camping and fishing with by Swan Falls Dam over the weekend.

William Miles Buckman is also charged with two counts of second-degree kidnapping for holding the same two people at knifepoint.

Neither of the two people who had knife wounds suffered life-threatening injuries.

Ada County Sheriff’s Deputies and Kuna Police began their investigation just after 5 a.m. Sunday after getting a 911 call that a man was attacking people with a knife near Swan Falls Dam.

When deputies arrived they found a man and woman in a pickup truck with knife wounds, but did not see the attacker. Deputies found Buckman moments later trying to get into a building attached to the dam.

Deputies took Buckman into custody. One  of the  victims went to a local hospital for treatment of what appear to be non life-threatening knife wounds, while the other two were treated at the scene.

Witnesses told deputies that Buckman was fishing on the dam — and drinking alcohol — with a group of people for most of the night while others in the group were sleeping in a tent on the bank of the river.

At some point early Sunday morning, Buckman got angry with the couple in the tent.

While detectives are still trying to determine exactly what the fight was about, at least one witness said it was because the people in the tent would not go into the river to retrieve a flashlight someone else dropped into the water.

Witnesses say Buckman walked over to the tent and started to threaten the couple inside, cutting the tent with a knife. Once the couple were out of the tent, there was a physical struggle between Buckman and the man during which the man was cut on the arm.

Witnesses say Buckman then held the couple at knifepoint and made them walk over to a nearby truck as part of the dispute about the flashlight.

That’s when another fight broke out. Both the man and woman sustained lacerations as they fought with Buckman. The man had knife wounds on the neck, shoulder, and arm. The woman had a knife wound on her arm. Buckman is also accused of grabbing another woman around the neck who was trying to get the knife away from him as he fought with the couple.

After doing interviews and collecting evidence, deputies arrested Buckman on the aggravated battery and kidnapping charges and booked him into the Ada County Jail around noon Sunday.

Buckman will make his initial court appearance Monday afternoon. The crime of aggravated battery is punishable by up to 15 years in prison for each separate charge.

36-year-old Kuna man charged with lewd conduct

Detectives arrested 36-year-old Leo Joseph Bright Wednesday on charges of lewd conduct with a child under the age of 16 and sexual abuse of a child under the age of 16.

Investigators say he had inappropriate sexual contact with two girls who were known to him. The incidents happened between 2010 and 2012 at Bright’s home on Cassandra Avenue in Kuna. The girls were 11- and 9-years old at the time.

Nampa Police began the investigation into Bright but turned the case over to the Ada County Sheriff’s Office in late July. Based on evidence gathered by sheriff’s detectives, a judge issued a warrant for Bright on Wednesday. Deputies arrested Bright the same day and booked him into the Ada County Jail, where he is being held on a $500,000 bond.

Sheriff’s detectives continue to investigate Bright. There is information to suggest there are additional victims.

The incidents would likely have happened between 1999 and 2014 in Payette, Canyon or Ada County. Bright also spent time in Oregon during that time. Anyone with information about Bright or other possible victims is urged to contact Detective Shellie Strolberg at 208-577-3788 or sstrolberg@adaweb.net.

37-year-old Boise woman charged with felony injury to child

A 37-year-old woman who gave a teenage girl who passed out from drinking too much alcohol an IV instead of calling an ambulance or getting medical help last month is charged with felony injury to child.

Jennifer A. Phippen was booked into the Ada County Jail Friday afternoon on a $300,000 bond.

Phippen is charged with two counts of felony injury to child — one for providing the 14-year-old girl and other teens with alcohol at a party last month and one for not getting the girl the appropriate medical treatment for what Phippen suspected was alcohol poisoning.

The incident occurred in the early morning hours of Aug. 24 at a house in the Amity/Cole roads neighborhood.

The girl was at a birthday party for a teenage boy with several of his friends — including some who admitted to drinking alcohol that night while Phippen was home.

The girl drank several shots of alcohol and eventually lost consciousness.

Phippen gave the girl an IV after some of the teens told her the girl was passed out and had vomited. Phippen gave the girl about 400-to-500 ccs of fluid — instead of calling paramedics, seeking medical treatment for the girl, or calling her parents.

Phippen also put the girl in the shower in an attempt to rouse her.

The girl eventually regained consciousness enough later that morning to walk home.

Ada County prosecutors issued an arrest warrant for Phippen Friday and deputies arrested her Friday afternoon without incident.

If Phippen does not post bond, her initial court appearance will be Monday afternoon.

The crime of felony injury to child is punishable by up to 10 years in prison.

68-year-old Eagle man arrested for trying to grab an officer’s gun out of its holster

Eagle police arrested a 68-year-old Alan Williams early Tuesday morning after he tried to take an officer’s gun out of the holster during a DUI investigation.

Driver Kelly Renee Vierra is charged with an excessive DUI and leaving the scene of an accident in connection with the case.

Williams was a passenger in Vierra’s Ford Explorer when she crashed into a truck and trailer stopped on the side of State Street, near the Seneca Springs Way intersection in Star, and kept going after the collision.

That crash happened just before 1 a.m. Tuesday. The Explorer driven by the 36-year-old Vierra kept going eastbound on State Street.

The driver of the truck that was hit followed the Explorer. He called Ada County dispatchers to report what happened and update them on where the Explorer was going. That person said Vierra drove through several red lights as the Explorer was going as fast as 85 mph on State Street.

Eagle police found and pulled over the Explorer shortly after it turned north on to Eagle Road from State Street.

A breath test later revealed Vierra had a .224 blood alcohol content (BAC) level, which is almost three times the legal .08 BAC limit in Idaho.

It was during that DUI investigation that an Eagle Police officer asked Williams to get out of the Explorer so he could talk to him about the crash in Star.

Shortly after getting out of the Explorer, Williams began yelling and trying to disrupt the DUI investigation despite several warnings to stop.

An officer had to put Williams in handcuffs and was taking him to a patrol car when Williams tried to take the officer’s gun out of the holster. Officers were able to stop him before that happened.

Williams is charged with a felony count of attempting to remove a weapon from a law enforcement officer.

Vierra was released from the jail later Tuesday morning after posting bond and has a court hearing set for Friday. Williams will make his initial court appearance Tuesday afternoon.

Kuna man who hid in backyard shed charged with resisting arrest and disturbing the peace 

An ACSO deputy used a Taser Friday night to stop a 30-year-old Kuna man after he tried to hide in the yard of a stranger in the Lake Hazel/Five Mile roads neighborhood to avoid arrest.

Brian M. Whiting is charged with misdemeanor counts of resisting arrest, disturbing the peace, unlawful entry, possession of drug paraphernalia , and probation violation in connection with the incident.

Deputies were called to S. Chesire Avenue just before 9:30 to investigate a report that a man walking down the street and carrying a garden hoe (later identified as the 30-year-old Whiting) threatened a couple who lived in the area. They told deputies the man broke the garden hoe on a light pole during that confrontation.

When deputies arrived moments later, they found the man walking behind Paul’s Market and asked him to stop. Whiting refused to stop. Deputies were walking up to talk to Whiting when he pulled a machete out of a backpack he was wearing and threw it to the ground. He then threw his backpack at a deputy and ran away, jumping a fence and going into a backyard on Lockwood Street.

A short time later a homeowner in the 2200 block of Lockwood Street called dispatchers and said a man they did not know was hiding in a shed in their backyard. The homeowner blocked the shed door with tires so the man couldn’t get out right away.

Deputies arrived moments later and eventually were able to convince Whiting to leave the shed. When they were taking him into custody, Whiting broke free and tried to run away. That was when a deputy deployed a Taser. Whiting was then taken into custody, checked out by paramedics, and booked into the jail.



Fugitive who smashed van into ACSO patrol car caught in West Boise after extended search

Ada County Sheriff’s deputies arrested car theft/parole violation suspect Scott Dennis Davis around 7 p.m. Tuesday after a long and comprehensive search in the Five Mile/McMillan/Maple Grove roads neighborhood.

The 38-year-old Davis had been hiding there since shortly after noon Tuesday. Davis took off on foot after he purposefully smashed a stolen van into an ACSO patrol car to avoid arrest.

Eagle, Boise, Meridian, Garden City, and Star police officers joined ACSO deputies, US Marshals, and officers with probation and parole to search the neighborhood for Davis all afternoon, chasing down dozens of tips and sightings.

Deputies eventually found Davis outside a home on W. Burntwood Court after getting a citizen call from 911 around 7 p.m.

When Davis figured out officers were on the way he tried to hide inside a garage on Burntwood Court and got into a car.

The homeowner, who knew that deputies were looking for Davis, got into a physical confrontation with Davis and kept him from leaving until Eagle Police officer Britton Stuart arrived moments later.

Stuart then deployed a Taser to stop Davis, who was taken into custody.

Deputies had been looking for Davis in earnest since Monday, when he was identified as a suspect in the theft of a van from outside a home in the Linder Drive/Interstate 84 neighborhood sometime between 11 p.m. Sunday and 8 a.m. Monday.

Deputies found the van Tuesday morning outside a home in the Five Mile Road/Edna Street neighborhood. Deputies were in the process of setting up around the house shortly after noon when Davis got out of the home, ran into the van, and drove away. That’s when he drove the van into an ACSO patrol car to avoid arrest.

The deputy was not injured in that crash but the car — and the van — sustained some damage

Davis abandoned the van less than a mile away on W. Patti Street and took off on foot, where he was seen running though yards in the neighborhood.

Deputies and officers worked with homeowners in the area on property searches all afternoon. K-9 dogs searched yards and a nearby canal for hours.

Ada County dispatchers sent out four geo-cast notifications to homes in the neighborhood Tuesday afternoon, telling citizens what was going on, giving them a description of Davis, and letting them know when he was in custody.

Davis has a lengthy criminal history and is on parole for felony forgery and grand theft convictions out of Ada County. Idaho Department of Correction records list him as a fugitive.

Davis is being held at the Ada County Jail with no-bond for the parole violations. Other charges in connection with Tuesday’s events are pending – but will likely include grand theft and felony aggravated assault/battery on a law enforcement officer.

Davis’ criminal history includes previous convictions for aggravated assault/battery on a law enforcement officer and eluding arrest.

Ada County Sheriff’s Officials would like to thank the residents of the Five Mile/McMillan/Maple Grove roads neighborhood for their patience and cooperation. We’d also like to thank Eagle, Star, Boise, Meridian, and Garden City police, US Marshals, and probation and parole officers for all their help.

35-year-old Nampa man arrested for internet enticement

Ada County Sheriff’s deputies arrested a 35-year-old Nampa man Saturday who tried to use Facebook to lure a 13-year-old girl into having sex.

Dion Garcia is charged with a felony count of enticement of children over the internet.

Deputies arrested Garcia after a traffic stop in the Ten Mile Road/Pine Avenue neighborhood Saturday morning — a few miles away from a park where he was supposed to meet the girl.

Detectives began their investigation earlier this month when the parents of a 13-year-old girl discovered sexual messages from Garcia on the girl’s Facebook page and told Meridian police.

An Ada County Sheriff’s Office detective took over the page and began talking to Garcia. They ultimately arranged to meet Saturday morning.

Garcia will make his initial court appearance Monday afternoon.

The crime of enticement of children over the internet is punishable by up to 15 years in prison and requires anyone convicted to have to register as a sex offender.

The Ada County Sheriff¹s detective in charge of the case works with the Idaho Crimes Against Children Task Force, a statewide coalition of local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies focused on apprehending and prosecuting people who use the internet to criminally exploit children.

Eagle man badly injured at a house party early Sunday

A 22-year-old Eagle man is charged with felony aggravated battery for punching another man in the face with such force that he broke several bones.

David Ryan March is also charged with a misdemeanor court of resisting arrest for refusing to leave the house he was in for almost three hours before he surrendered to Eagle Police early Monday.

The man March punched had to go to a local hospital for treatment for multiple fractures of his facial bones, including eye socket, nose, and upper jaw area.

The man told Eagle police he went to a party at a home in the 900 block of W. Stafford Drive the night before when he was attacked by March, who had not met before.

The man said he was talking to a woman on the back patio of the home when he was hit in the head without warning. He said he was so disoriented by the attack he couldn’t defend himself as March kept hitting him in the face.

A friend then got the man away from the house and to his car. The man called Eagle Police around 3 a.m. Monday, after he got home, to tell them what happened and that he was having trouble breathing. Paramedics arrived and quickly took the man to a local hospital once they realized how severe his injuries were.

Eagle police and Ada County Sheriff’s deputies then went to the Stafford Drive home to talk to March. Officers found blood on the ground near the back patio, where the man said he was attacked, and a blood trail to the front of the home.

March would not answer the door or acknowledge that Eagle Police were there despite their repeated effort to contact him. That went on for about three hours until around 7 a.m., when March surrendered after a Garden City Police K-9 dog began barking.

March will make his initial court appearance Tuesday afternoon.

The crime of aggravated battery is punishable by up to 15 years in prison.

33-year-old woman charged with felony injury to child

Ada County Sheriff’s deputies declared a 9-year-old boy who suffers from mental health issues to be in imminent danger earlier this summer after he kept leaving his home and tried to walk into other houses in his South Boise-area neighborhood.

Deputies arrested the boy’s mother, 33-year-old Danielle Bowen, July 17 for felony injury to child.

Deputies had been called to Bowen’s home in the Lake Hazel/Five Mile roads neighborhood earlier this year to investigate reports of the boy leaving home by himself, going to neighbors homes, and asking if he could play with their kids. Bowen told deputies that boy took things out of the homes he visits.

Officials with the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare  and ACSO deputies worked with Bowen on a plan for how to keep the boy from walking out — which included alarms for windows and doors in the home.

Deputies were called back to the home June 29 when a neighbor got a visit from the boy. When she told him she did not have kids, the boy asked if he could come in anyway and watch movies.

That neighbor walked the boy home instead. After dropping him off, she watched the boy run away from his house and called Ada County dispatch.

Deputies searched the area for over an hour and had Ada County Dispatch put out a geo-cast phone message to the homes in the area with the boy’s description. A neighbor, who noticed the patrol cars in the area, walked up to deputies and asked if they were looking for the boy.

The neighbor said the boy was playing with his kids at his house.

Bowen did not help deputies during the search. When deputies talked to her after the boy was found, they determined that only one of the alarms for the doors and windows was working. The rest were disabled or removed.

The boy was declared to be in imminent danger because of the frequency of the incidents and Bowen’s inability to control his behavior. He was then put in the custody of the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare.

An arrest warrant was issued July 11 and Bowen turned herself in at the Ada County Jail July 17, where she was released after posting a $10,000 bond.

Bowen has a preliminary hearing set for Aug. 12. The crime of felony injury to child is punishable by up to 10 years in prison.