Recognize this Toyota pickup? It was last seen driving away from a construction burglary in Eagle

Eagle Police are trying to find the owner of this Toyota Tacoma pickup, which was seen driving away from a late-night construction site burglary in Eagle last month.

white Tacoma

There’s been quite a bit of talk lately about construction site burglaries all over the Treasure Valley. Home construction continues to be white-hot – especially in the western Ada County – and that means more opportunities for criminals.

We’ve had 23 reports of construction site burglaries in Eagle since Jan. 1 — including one that occurred around midnight on Oct. 12. Someone stole over $4,700 worth of tools and materials by breaking into a locked trailer near a house under construction in the 1300 block of Longhorn Street, which is in the Floating Feather Road/West Palmer Lane neighborhood.

A nearby surveillance camera picked up this Toyota Tacoma, pulling a trailer, leaving the home around the same time the burglary occurred.

White truck 2

(We know the photo quality isn’t the best, but we’re hoping someone will recognize the truck regardless).

The theft wasn’t reported to Eagle Police until Oct. 15, when crews returned to work and found all their tools missing.

It wasn’t the first burglary reported from that neighborhood this year, either. We would really like to find whoever was driving that truck and ask them why they were there that night – and if they have any info about other similar burglaries in the area.

Anyone with information should call (208) 577-3851 or send an email to

For the 23 construction site burglary cases in Eagle this year, the total value of materials and tools stolen is estimated at just over $49,000.

We are always reminding people the best thing they can do to avoid being victims of crime is to lock their stuff up – and that advice certainly applies to construction contractors.

Our investigators continue to meet with local builders to encourage them to securely lock all construction sites when they are done for the day.

Equipment and supply “depots” can be secured with temporary fencing.

Removing trailers from work sites at the end of the night might be an inconvenience but is a great way to prevent theft.

Arranging supply deliveries just before installation is an effective theft deterrent. Idle and unsecured construction sites, with equipment in plain view, can attract the wrong kind of attention.


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