Eagle Police investigate a series of break-ins at homes under construction

Thieves have broken into at least four homes under construction in Eagle since February — stealing thousands of dollars worth of new appliances and tools.

The homes are in the neighborhoods surrounding BanBury Golf Course.

Thieves also broke into a home under construction at Rivermist Avenue in Star last week. Investigators say that break-in could be connected to the Eagle burglaries.

The method is the same – thieves find homes under construction with unlocked doors, break-in at night when on one else is around, and steal new appliances (including refrigerators, stoves, water heaters), plumbing supplies and construction equipment left at the sites.

Eagle burgs

Eagle Police detectives have met with local builders and construction crews to encourage them to securely lock all construction sites when they are done for the day – or even when they go to lunch or take a break.

We’ve had cases in the past where crews have left for an hour to go to lunch, left their work sites wide open, and returned to find all their tools and ladders were gone.

Anyone with information should call Eagle Police at (208) 938-2260 or send an email to cau@adaweb.net

Doing whatever we can to prevent property crimes like theft and vandalism is a priority for the Ada County Sheriff’s Office — and we need your help to do that.

We are always reminding people the best thing they can do to avoid being victims of crime is to lock their stuff up. That means all doors, windows, and vehicles at your homes – especially garage and side doors.



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