42-year-old Eagle man charged with felony vehicular manslaughter

Deputies arrested 42-year-old Adam B. Paulson late Wednesday afternoon in connection with a fatal traffic crash on Eagle Road last weekend.

Paulson was driving the pickup truck that struck and killed 24-year-old Madeline Duskey as she was crossing Eagle Road at the Riverside Drive intersection early Saturday morning.

Paulson is charged with one count of felony vehicular manslaughter (https://legislature.idaho.gov/statutesrules/idstat/title18/t18ch40/sect18-4006/) while driving under the influence of alcohol, drugs, or any other intoxicating substance (https://legislature.idaho.gov/statutesrules/idstat/Title18/T18CH80/SECT18-8006/).

Evidence tests indicate Paulson’s blood alcohol content (BAC) level at the time of the crash exceeded Idaho’s legal limit of .08.

It appears Madeline Duskey was walking in or near the crosswalk area on Eagle Road at the Riverside Drive intersection when she was struck by the pickup, which was going north.

Paulson remained at the scene until officers arrived.

People who drove up on the crash just after it happened called 911 at 12:19 a.m. Saturday to report what happened.

A passerby stopped at the scene and attempted first aid. Paramedics transported Duskey to a local hospital where she was pronounced dead a short time later.

Investigators are still working to determine which direction Duskey was walking when she was hit in the left northbound lane of Eagle Road. It is also unclear if the light on Eagle Road was green or red or if she activated the crosswalk signal.

Madeline Duskey was wearing dark clothing at the time.

Ada County Sheriff’s investigators continue to develop evidence and are awaiting the results of toxicology and evidence tests.

Deputies arrested Paulson on a probation violation on Tuesday before charging him with the felony manslaughter charge on Wednesday afternoon.

Paulson is set to make his initial court appearance Friday afternoon.

The crime of felony vehicular manslaughter with aggravated driving under the influence is punishable by up to 15 years in prison – with up to a five-year ban from all driving privileges after release.

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