Eagle neighborhoods off Linder Road latest to be hit by opportunistic car burglars

At least six people who left their cars unlocked in Eagle Sunday night woke up to find items missing from inside.

If there is one concept we here at the Ada County Sheriff’s Office would like our residents to embrace above all others, it would be: lock your stuff up.

The best way to avoid being a victim of theft is to make sure your homes and vehicles are locked all the time.

People who live in neighborhoods along Linder Road north of Idaho 44 (including the Preserve, Copperfield, and Legacy subdivisions) had items taken from unlocked cars — including a laptop, a purse, cash, car registration, and a bank card — between Sunday night and Monday morning.

In at least two of the break-ins, thieves got into cars by opening unlocked garage doors first.

There have been numerous cases over the years of people “jockeyboxing” – which means they walk through neighborhoods and check to see if cars and trucks — and garage doors — are locked. If they are not, thieves then go through and steal anything of value.

So lock your cars and trucks. Lock your front doors. Lock your garage doors. Lock the side doors to your garage. Just lock it all up – you’ll likely be glad you did.

Anyone with information should call Eagle Police at 938-2260.

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