Software upgrade means ACSO arrest list, jail roster, and warrants pages will be down indefinitely

The ACSO replaced our entire 911 Emergency Dispatch software earlier this year – a badly needed upgrade for a system that was two decades old. We are completing phase two of our technology upgrade plan tomorrow when we install brand-new operation and management software for the Ada County Jail.

The excellent news is that our jail system will get a badly needed technological upgrade — and we will have state-of-the art software now for both patrol and jail employees across the ACSO.

The biggest impact for the public will be the temporary loss of the popular arrest list on The arrest list had over 453,000 page views in the month of June – which averages about 15,000 page views a day.

The list of outstanding warrants and the jail roster will also be temporarily unavailable. Those sites got 43,000 and 34,000 page views in June.

We understand how important a resource those pages are to the public. Our staff will work to get the arrest list, warrants, and jail roster back up and running as soon as possible but it could take several weeks for that to happen.

The new IJ5 jail management software upgrade is happening the same time the 4th District Court is adapting Odyssey — a new court records management system.  It’s going to be an interesting  few weeks for Ada County’s public safety agencies and court employees.

When this is all done and the new software systems — 911 dispatch, jail records, courts — are all working together, it will be an efficient and integrated public safety system, better than anything Ada County has had in the past. The plan is to have all the systems working together by November

Law enforcement, fire agencies, emergency medical services and court officials will have the most efficient and state-of-the-art computer systems, able to exchange information far more efficiently than ever before.

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