Deputies arrest Boise man for DUI after he ran away and hid in a backyard during traffic stop

A 33-year-old Boise man is charged with misdemeanor counts of DUI and resisting officers after he ran away from deputies and tried to hide behind a nearby house during a traffic-stop early Wednesday morning.

Tyson J. Hunt is also charged with driving without privileges (not having a valid drivers license) in connection with the incident.

Deputies began their investigation just before 1:20  a.m. Wednesday when they observed a Ford Explorer going about 50 mph in a 25 mph zone on Valley Street, near the Lake Hazel Road intersection.

Shortly after the deputies began following the Explorer, the driver, later identified as Hunt, quickly turned the SUV on to La Grange Street. Hunt parked the Explorer, jumped out, and ran away as deputies were pulling up.

The deputies could hear Hunt jumping over fences in the neighborhood. They followed the noises and eventually found Hunt curled up on the ground behind an air conditioning unit next to a nearby house.

Once deputies found Hunt and told him not to run anymore, he gave up. That’s when deputies figured out he did not have a valid drivers license. They also smelled a strong odor of alcohol.

Deputies arrested Hunt and took him to the Ada County Jail, where he took a breath test and registered a .162 blood alcohol content (BAC) level, which is twice Idaho’s legal BAC limit of .08 for driving.

Hunt was released from the jail later Wednesday morning after posting bond. A court date has been set for Feb. 8.

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