Car burglars break into over a dozen unlocked cars in Eagle

The best way to avoid being a victim of “jockeyboxing” — which means people walking through neighborhoods at night and stealing whatever they can grab from unlocked cars — is to lock your car. All the time.

That way, if you mistakenly leave stuff like your cell phone, charging cords, electronics, sunglasses, medication, and change behind when you park in a driveway or street, you won’t be like over a dozen people in Eagle who had items like that taken from their cars earlier this week.

The neighborhoods where people had their unlocked cars broken into are between Eagle Road and Idaho 55 and from State Street north to Floating Feather Road.

Eagle Police have heard from at least 15 people so far who had items stolen from their cars earlier this week. Witnesses saw two men wearing black hooded sweatshirts in those neighborhoods around the same time as the burglaries.

Anyone with information should call Eagle Police at 938-2260.

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