The Ada County Board of Commissioners appoint Steve Bartlett to be the new Ada County Sheriff

Capt. Steve Bartlett will take over as Ada County’s top lawman at the end of June when Sheriff Gary Raney retires.

Raney — who has spent the last three decades working for the ACSO, including the last 10 years as sheriff — will retire June 30.

Bartlett said he is “humbled and honored” to be the 38th person to serve as Ada County Sheriff.

Capt. Bartlett is currently in charge of the ACSO’s Community Information Unit, Administrative Investigations Unit, and special projects.

Bartlett joined the Ada County Sheriff’s Office in 2003. Since then, he has served in a wide variety of jobs in the agency — including patrol field commander, sergeant in charge of detectives, crisis negotiator, and Chief of Eagle Police — giving him a diverse background and excellent preparation for his new assignment as Administrative Captain.

Sheriff Raney commended the Ada County Board of Commissioners Monday for appointing Bartlett to take over at the end of June.

“It is always difficult to make such an important decision and (the Commissioners) ensured the process was thorough and fair.

Steve is undoubtedly the best choice to lead the Ada County Sheriff’s Office into the future. He has proven himself to be an effective leader who knows the current issues, ensuring a seamless transition.

This is an exciting time for the Ada County Sheriff’s Office. Steve has the knowledge, experience, skills, support and energy to move the agency forward.

Steve has the support of the men and women in the Sheriff’s Office as well as the support of other local law enforcement leaders.

That will be critical to his continued success as he faces the never-ending challenges of leading a large law enforcement agency.”

Ada County Commissioner Jim Tibbs said he and his fellow commissioners appointed Bartlett because of his vision for the ACSO, leadership skills, experience with the agency, and ability to collaborate the members of other law enforcement agencies.

“We had an obligation to the citizens of Ada County to select someone who could hit the ground running — and not just keep the sheriff’s office train on the tracks — but take things that are already in process to the next level,” Tibbs said Monday, while introducing Bartlett to a group of reporters. “It was clear to us that Steve Bartlett was the right choice for the job.”

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