Vandals empty tires in south Boise neighborhood but don’t deflate community spirit 

Seven families in a south Boise-area neighborhood woke up Sunday morning to find their cars and trucks had flat tires — a condition that didn’t last long thanks to ACSO deputies and a local tow company.

It seems a vandal – or group of vandals – walked along S. Sumpter Avenue in the Cloverdale/Amity roads neighborhood overnight Saturday and put pebbles in the air valves of tires of cars and trucks parked outside. The vandals left seven flat-tired cars and trucks — 18 flat tires total — in their wake.

When Ada County Sheriff’s Sgt. Derek Savage arrived at the neighborhood after the calls started coming in around 8:30 a.m., he turned back around, went home, grabbed an air compressor, and drove back. Savage and Dep. Dagan Fluke then began pumping up tires.

While that was going on, one of the victims called Rocky Mountain Towing to inflate four flat tires on their car. When the Rocky Mountain Towing crew arrived in the neighborhood and saw what happened, they joined Savage and Fluke and began inflating tires free of charge.


None of the tires had permanent damage, so it didn’t take long to get everyone up and running again.

Deputies are still looking for whoever flattened the tires. Anyone with info should call Ada County dispatch at 377-6790.

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