Detectives continue search for whoever spray-painted prom proposal on Black Cliffs

We are still looking for “Destiny” — and whoever did or didn’t take her to the prom.

Ada County Sheriff’s detectives continue to follow leads to find whoever spray-painted “Desinty, Prom?” on the side of the Black Cliffs east of Boise earlier this spring.

Prom 1A

Spray-painting the side of the cliff is illegal – a misdemeanor charge of injury by graffiti, punishable by up to a $1,000 fine and up to six months in jail.

That doesn’t include the cost of clean up.

The graffiti in question is on the side of the Black Cliffs in East Car Body Canyon, a popular rock climbing spot along Idaho 21 west of Lucky Peak that is also a culturally significant area to Native American tribes.

Clean up will likely be difficult and costly since it is a long hike to the top and requires scrambling over boulders.

Initial reports indicated that section of the Black Cliffs was on Bureau of Land Management land. Officials later determined the cliffs are on Idaho Fish and Game land.

Fish and Game officials are figuring out how the get the graffiti off the cliff wall while doing the least amount of damage to the rock patina. Several different options are being discussed, including sandblasting, but no decisions have been made.

Prom 2A

Ada County Sheriff’s Office, BLM, and Fish and Game officials continue to work together on the case.

Anyone with information should call Ada County dispatch at 377-6790.

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