Deputies arrest Boise man who refused to get out of car for an hour after he crashed it Tuesday night

Deputies arrested a 34-year-old Boise man who led them on a brief car pursuit in Star and then refused to get out of his car for almost an hour after he crashed it on Beacon Light Road late Tuesday night.

Adam S. Weber is charged with felony counts of DUI and eluding arrest and misdemeanor counts of driving without a valid license and resisting arrest.

The incident began around 8:20 p.m. Tuesday when Ada County dispatch got a report of a possible drunk driver near W. New Hope and Munger Roads.

A Star Police officer found the car around 8:30 p.m. by the Foothill Road/Schmidt Lane intersection and attempted to pull the car over. The driver, later identified as Webser then took off, going east.

Weber got on Beacon Light Road but eventually lost control, hit a tree, and crashed his car near the Merlot Place intersection around 8:35 p.m.

Weber 1

It was during the initial call when Star Police and Ada County Sheriff’s Office deputies were looking for the car when our dispatchers got a report from Canyon County that someone driving a car fitting the same description was seen waving a gun out the window earlier in the night.

When deputies got to the scene of the crash, Weber refused to get out of the car and told deputies — and dispatchers — that he had a gun.

Star Police, ACSO deputies, and Boise police responded to the crash and spent almost an hour trying to convince Weber to get out of the car.

When he did get out, around 9:30 p.m., Weber was not holding a gun. When Weber tried to get back inside the car, a Boise Police K9 dog was able to stop him.

Deputies then got Weber into custody.

Weber was taken to a local hospital for treatment before being booked into the Ada County Jail.

It did not appear Weber suffered any serious injury.

Deputies searched the car a short time late and did not find a gun.

We’d like to thank Boise Police for their help.

3 thoughts on “Deputies arrest Boise man who refused to get out of car for an hour after he crashed it Tuesday night

  1. In regards to this 34 yr old man, he is suffering some mental instability due to a recent breakup of his 10 yr relationship. He clearly needs some help and counseling. May he receive the help he needs.

  2. Unfortunately this man is being made an example for the judicial system and judges moody and Owens, and may end up doing more time then a molester of our children! Who is the threat to the public? He needs to do his time for his wrong doings, but not more than violent crime offenders. Let’s get him rehabilitation not throw him away!

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