Deputies looking for female inmate who didn’t return to jail after medical furlough

Deputies are looking for a 23-year-old Boise woman who did not turn herself back in at the Ada County Jail Friday after she was released earlier that day for a court-ordered medical appointment.

Molly H. Brown is charged with a felony count of escape. There is an active $100,000 arrest warrant for Brown.

Brown had been an inmate in the jail since Jan. 4 on several charges, including felony possession of controlled substance. She was released into the custody of a family member Friday morning for a court-ordered medical appointment.

Brown was supposed to be back at the jail at 1 p.m. The family member dropped Brown off at the jail and watched her walk into the building before driving away.

Brown did not turn herself back in. She waited until the family member drove away and walked out of the building.

Brown was last seen wearing blue stretch pants that look like jeans and a long-sleeve white T-shirt with sparkles.


The ACSO had over 250 court-ordered furloughs — when a judge orders that an inmate be temporarily released so that inmate can get services in the community that are not available at the jail — from the main facility in 2014. In every circumstance, those people checked back into the jail.

Anyone with information on where Brown is should call Ada County dispatch at 377-6790.

One thought on “Deputies looking for female inmate who didn’t return to jail after medical furlough

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