Eagle Police investigate burglary of model home in new subdivision

Eagle police are looking for whoever broke into a model home over the weekend and took almost $10,000 worth of stuff from inside— including dishes, blankets, a coffee table and chairs, a full-length mirror, a rug, a bottle of shampoo, and two boxes of cereal.

The model home is in the Henry Fork subdivision, located in the Park and Floating Feather roads neighborhood.

The burglary occurred between 6 p.m. Friday and 9:45 a.m. Saturday. Someone threw a softball-sized rock through a glass door on the back of the home to get inside.


There have been at least five other break-ins at vacant homes — either empty or in the process of being sold — in Ada County since September. In those cases, stoves and/or refrigerators were stolen from inside.

Unlike the break-in from over the weekend in Eagle, most of those cases did not involve forced entry as it appeared thieves were able to get in through unlocked windows.

Those homes are located on Linder Road, Floating Feather Road, Eagle Hills Way, N. Star Road, and W. Ustick Road.

Anyone with information on any of the break-ins should call Ada County dispatch at 377-6790

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