Vandals hit Indian Lakes Golf Course a second time

Ada County Sheriff’s deputies are looking for whoever drove a truck across fairways and greens of Indian Lakes Golf Course early Tuesday morning — just a day after vandals broke into the clubhouse and drove a golf cart into a pond.

The owner of the course estimates the turf damage will cost as much as $20,000 to repair.

Turf1 Turf2

In addition to putting deep ruts into the turf, whoever drove the truck also badly damaged a sand volleyball court. The truck ripped the volleyball net down and knocked over one of the net poles.

The second round of vandalism occurred sometime around 1:30 a.m. Tuesday.

It looks like the truck entered the course from the corner of Snowmish Street and Chinook Avenue and drove across the grounds.

When ACSO deputies showed up moments later, the truck was gone.

Deputies were already investigating an incident the night before when someone broke a glass door at the clubhouse and stole some beer from inside; drove a golf cart into a water hazard and left it there; drove over putting greens; and broke flags that marked holes. That damage was estimated to be about $4,000.

The course is located at 4700 Umatilla Ave, in the Cole/Amity roads neighborhood south of Boise.

Anyone with information should call Ada County dispatchers at 377-6790.


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