68-year-old Eagle man arrested for trying to grab an officer’s gun out of its holster

Eagle police arrested a 68-year-old Alan Williams early Tuesday morning after he tried to take an officer’s gun out of the holster during a DUI investigation.

Driver Kelly Renee Vierra is charged with an excessive DUI and leaving the scene of an accident in connection with the case.

Williams was a passenger in Vierra’s Ford Explorer when she crashed into a truck and trailer stopped on the side of State Street, near the Seneca Springs Way intersection in Star, and kept going after the collision.

That crash happened just before 1 a.m. Tuesday. The Explorer driven by the 36-year-old Vierra kept going eastbound on State Street.

The driver of the truck that was hit followed the Explorer. He called Ada County dispatchers to report what happened and update them on where the Explorer was going. That person said Vierra drove through several red lights as the Explorer was going as fast as 85 mph on State Street.

Eagle police found and pulled over the Explorer shortly after it turned north on to Eagle Road from State Street.

A breath test later revealed Vierra had a .224 blood alcohol content (BAC) level, which is almost three times the legal .08 BAC limit in Idaho.

It was during that DUI investigation that an Eagle Police officer asked Williams to get out of the Explorer so he could talk to him about the crash in Star.

Shortly after getting out of the Explorer, Williams began yelling and trying to disrupt the DUI investigation despite several warnings to stop.

An officer had to put Williams in handcuffs and was taking him to a patrol car when Williams tried to take the officer’s gun out of the holster. Officers were able to stop him before that happened.

Williams is charged with a felony count of attempting to remove a weapon from a law enforcement officer.

Vierra was released from the jail later Tuesday morning after posting bond and has a court hearing set for Friday. Williams will make his initial court appearance Tuesday afternoon.

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